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“RETURN TO SENDER” How to give the best customer service and get sales


“Return to Sender”

My mother was a homemaker who always stayed close to home. She didn’t drive and didn’t pursue any interests outside of her family. I realize now that she spent a lot of time waiting for my dad to come home from work, or for one of her three boys to get home and drive her somewhere. But I don’t ever remember her complaining. She just cleaned and organized and made sure our home was perfect.

smart-sales-callMy mother is why I’m so conscientious about not keeping people waiting. I saw what it was like on the other end to be waiting for someone or something. Promptly responding to others is more than just common courtesy, it’s a sign of respect and a tangible way to convey to others that they are worthy of your attention.

Not keeping people waiting is also one of the biggest reasons behind my business success. That’s no exaggeration; here’s an example with real-world results: Shortly after I began working full time at Advanced Lighting, I got a voicemail from Tom,

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