What you can expect from Paul

With humor, enthusiasm and personality, Paul will entertain and enlighten your group and inspire them to balance outer success with inner peace and live a life without limits.


As founder and CEO of Advanced Lighting, Inc., a manufacturer of LED and fiber optics used in entertainment and architectural lighting, Paul Streitz established himself as an industry visionary and the go-to-source for high-tech, high-touch creative lighting solutions for everything from the Grammy awards, Broadway shows and major concert tours to unprecedented billboard events for Times Square. Advanced Lighting also provided the technical know-how and lighting products to illuminate the original Declaration of Independence and all its supporting documents at the National Archives in Washington D.C. After selling his company in 2007, Paul reinvented himself as an author and motivational speaker. His book, Blue-Collar Buddha: Life-Changing Lessons learned on the Journey from Flight Attendant to Cancer Survivor to Entrepreneurial Millionaire, is rapidly gaining him a following in both the business world and the self-help community.

In Blue-Collar Buddha’s twenty-nine uplifting, heart-centered stories of personal and professional enlightenment, Paul details his improbable rise from working-class roots to founder of an internationally respected lighting company. With refreshing candor, caring, and insight, Paul shares the hard-earned wisdom he gained from overcoming debilitating childhood insecurities, shocking betrayals at work and at home, and two life-changing bouts with cancer. Ultimately, with integrity, ingenuity, and indomitable will, Paul created a rich, fulfilling life and a business worth millions.

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 Amazon Book Reviews

Greg Rollett:

When I received my copy of the Blue Collar Buddha I thought it was going to be the same old story. Boy was I wrong. Paul was able to take everything from his youth and his experiences growing up and channel them into one of the most roller-coaster filled success stories of our time. From battling learning disabilities to beating cancer, joining the army and selling lights, Paul’s journey shows that you can do it too and you can relate to every twist, turn and personal connection that makes this millionaire more human that most that are not. Highly recommend this book for anyone looking for the true American Dream story.



I read this book all in one night. What I really liked about it is that you can relate to this guy – it’s a really honest book. The way he writes about the betrayals he experienced, both in business and by women, is affecting. He doesn’t seem to carry anger or vindictiveness – just a sort of surprise, and acceptance, forgiveness and “lessons learned.” I liked following the story of his building up of a very successful business while all this was going on (including fighting cancer). He has you ask yourself questions based on each chapter, which turns the book into a learning experience as well as a really good read. Highly recommended!

Editor Erin:

I was asked to edit Paul’s book and therefore approached the manuscript as a professional endeavor. As I delved into the “job,” I was delightfully surprised at the entertaining and inspiring content. Paul has a down-to-earth approach to storytelling that makes this book accessible to anyone and everyone. This book is an honest account of overcoming numerous obstacles with integrity, thoughtfulness, and humor. I’m confident there is something for everyone in this book and encourage readers to pick one up.

Laurie A. Baum MSW:

I loved the book. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it! The book is well-written and engaging. Paul’s story is a very compelling one. He is “real,” authentic, and easy to relate to. His attitude in the face of life’s challenges is really inspiring. There’s something to learn for everyone. I stayed up until two o’clock in the morning to finish the book and it was worth it! A delight to read.


Q& A

Why did you write Blue-Collar Buddha?

To deliver a powerful message to as many people as possible: You can overcome anything and live a life without limits. What qualifies you as an authority on this topic?
My challenges were getting ripped off by unethical bosses, two battles with cancer, childhood abuse, years of Special Education, disappointing relationships and every kind of business problem you could imagine in the company I founded. But I’m here today, happy, healthy, wealthy and excited about life.

How do you help people make better lives for themselves?

I encourage and inspire them to reinvent themselves through ferocious self-honesty, a commitment to lifelong learning, an uncompromising work ethic and assuming full responsibility for every one of their thoughts, words and actions.

What did you learn on your own journey that you’d like to share with others?

My story is proof that you can balance outer success with inner peace and be happier than you ever thought possible. I know without question that if you believe in yourself and believe in your dreams, you will be unstoppable.

How can I get started working with you?

Contact Paul Streitz at 320-267-9576, paul@paulstreitz.com or through www.paulstreitz.com to set up speaking engagements or to schedule personal or business consulting sessions.