Do you know how much that old light bulb is really costing you?

Let’s break it down.

• Every time you turn on a 65-watt A19 Bulb (a typical table lamp bulb), you’re using 65 watts of power. Multiply that by 10 (typical household quantity) and you’re using 650 watts. If you have these lamps on for three hours a day (typical home usage), that adds up

to 1,950 watts per day. Multiply that by 365 and you’ll be consuming 711,750 watts of power annually.

Those 711,750 watts equal 711.75 kilowatt-hours (kWh). Multiply those hours by your electric cost of .11/kWh (U.S. average) and you’ll be contributing $78.29 to the utility company every year to use those old outdated bulbs. Factor in that those 10 old bulbs need to be replaced every year, and you just spent $103.29 per year on lighting. That means you’ll be shelling out $2,065.80 for inefficient lighting over 20 years.


Ah, but here’s an easy way for you to save big bucks with better bulbs! Just spend $120 for 10 energy-efficient 9.5-watt bulbs that will last around 20 years (at 3 hours per day usage).

10 bulbs x 9.5 watts = 95 watts x 3 hours per day x 365 = 104,025 watts of power annually compared to 711,750 watts with the 65-watt bulbs. That’s a whole lot of energy saved. But how does that affect your wallet?

Given that 711,750 watts will cost you $103.29 per year, then 104,025 watts will set you back only $11.44 per year. Over 20 years, your total cost of using the 10 new energy-efficient bulbs (including your initial investment of $120, which works out to just 60 cents per bulb per year) comes to $348.80, or $17.44 per year.

That’s an annual savings of $85.85 on your power bill. But wait, it gets better! In five years, you’ll have an extra $429.25 in your pocket. In 10 years your savings grow $858.50. Over the 20-year lifespan of the new bulbs, you’ll save an amazing $1,717.

Think about that: for a $120 investment today, you’ll save $1,717 over 20 years—a return of more than 1,300 percent!— and that doesn’t even include lower replacement and maintenance costs. Plus, as a bonus, you will have enjoyed 20 years of better quality lighting and the satisfaction that comes from knowing you did your part to conserve energy.

Remember, the more bulbs you have the more you save! The savings can be even greater for businesses because they tend to have far more lamps than households do. When you come right down to it, why would you choose to pay the power company all that money when you could be pocketing it for yourself?

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